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lives and works in Bremen


since 2000  my theme is  the visual experienceable world by means of reflection in different media like foils, water, glass, mirrors and reality

1996 Intensive engagement on water reflections

1994 First picture cycles with the theme „Reflections”

1979-1983 Study of theatre science, history of art, german language and literature at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich

1978 Moved to Munich

1955 Born in Helbra/Lutherstadt Eisleben (Germany)

Solo exhibitions

2016 “Reflected”, HOHMANN Fine Art, Palm Desert / California, (catalog)

2015 “The New View”, art and auctions at Kettwiger Tor, Essen

2012 “Different Colors”, (with Ulrik Happy Dannenberg), The Hamburger Gallery, Hamburg

2010 “Illusions”, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg

2008 “What you see is what you get!”, The Hamburger Galerie, Hamburg

2007 “Reflexes and Reflections”, Galerie Lonnes, Bremen, (catalogue)

“… in search of the beautiful”, Galerie Anne Malchers, Bergisch-Gladbach

2006 “new location”, ART-isotope Galerie Schöber, Dortmund

“mirror-smooth”, Galerie Eigen-art, Sandesneben / Duchy of Lauenburg

“Reflection, reflection on the wall …”, Galerie Kunsthaus Oberkassel, Düsseldorf

2005 “Reflections 1999-2005”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede

“Reichstag and Roland”, Kontorhaus Bremen

2004 “Welt-Spiegel”, Galerie Loy, Rastede

“Reflections II”, Galerie skala, Cologne

2003 “Mirror of the Worlds – Worlds of Reflections II”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede, (catalog)

“Reflections”, Galerie skala, Cologne

2002 Kontorhaus Bremen

2001 “Mirror of the Worlds – Worlds of Reflections I”, Galerie Village L’ART Lonnes, Worpswede, (catalog)


Group exhibitions

2024 „THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER“ (With Kolja Senteur), Galerie Cardemil, Erfurt  

2023 "REALISM NOW" (with Heiner Meyer), Loeser Gallery, Erfurt

"International art fair Magdeburg KUNST/MITTE", Magdeburg, Loeser Gallery

2022 “CAPITALIST REALISM – SOCIALIST REALISM – FLUXUS – GERMAN POP”, Galerie Marcus Diede, Im Weißen Turm, Ahrweiler

2021 “Art and Culture Campaign in the Ahr Valley”, Marcus Diede Gallery, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz

2021 “KUNST/Mitte 21”, Magdeburg International Art Fair, Marcus Diede Gallery

2019 Grand Opening, HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Desert

2019 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, HOHMANN FINE ART, Palm Springs

2018 art miami, HOHMANN FINE ART, MIAMI

2018 “Grand Salon 2018” Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen/Basel

2018 “The abstract infused into the real”, La Salle de Royal de la Madeline, Paris (Jacques Bodin, Ronald Bowen, Christoph Eberle, Odile Ferron-Verron, Bore Ivanoff, Gregory Pelizzari, Agathe Verschaffel)

2016 art miami, HOHMANN Fine Art, Miami

2016 ART.FAIR Cologne, The Hamburg Gallery, Cologne

2016 Grand Opening, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg

2016 Palm Springs FINE ART FAIR, HOHMANN Fine Art, Palm Springs

2015 Art San Diego, HOHMANN Fine Art, San Diego

2014 “James Dean & Ed Hardy”, art and auctions at Kettwiger Tor, Essen

2013 “Glanzlichter”, Galerie Kaschenbach, Trier

“Spreeblick”, Zandi Gallery, Berlin

Galeria K, Palma de Mallorca

“10th anniversary of the Hamburger Galerie”, Hamburg

2012 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles

art KARLSRUHE, The Hamburg Gallery, Karlsruhe

“Photorealists” – Randy Ford, Gerd Lieder, Luis Perez – The Hamburger Gallery, Hamburg

2011 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles, (catalog)

art KARLSRUHE, The Hamburg Gallery, Karlsruhe

San Francisco Fine Art Fair, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, San Francisco

2010 LA Art Show, Christian Hohmann Fine Art, Los Angeles

“10 years of ART-isotope”, ART-isotope Gallery Schöber, Dortmund

Contemporary Art Ruhr, ART-isotope Galerie Schöber, Essen

2009 “Gala”, The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert / California

Kunsthaus Hanover

2008 “Appearance and Being”, The Hamburg Gallery, Hamburg

“Gala”, The Hart Gallery, Palm Desert / California

2007 “Bremen Pop” (with Nicholas Bodde and Ulrik Happy Dannenberg), Gallery ART ACADEMY, Dresden

Gallery ART ACADEMY, Zurich

Berliner Liste, Gallery ART ACADEMY, Berlin

2006 “Reality Revisited”, galerie skala, Cologne

Traveling exhibition “Al caro Giorgio Gaber”

Circolo Artistico Politecnic, Naples

Libreria Tombolini, Sala Santa Rita, Rome

Palazzo della Regione, Milan, (catalog)

Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milan, (catalog)

2004 State Museum Buca, Tivat / Montenegro, (catalogue)

“Querblick 3” Cologne City Museum, galerie skala, Cologne

2003 “Ducal Residence Rastede”, Galerie Loy, Rastede

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